Bengal cat kittens for sale

Bengal cat kittens for sale

The Bengal Cat Breed

The Bengal Cat could never be named as delicate. They’re athletes: agile and sleek with a sturdy, muscular body. As befits a cat World Health Organization look as if they belong at intervals the jungle.
Despite their wild look, Bengal cats are quite keen on their human families. They even have high energy and a fun-loving, pixilated aspect. They have to stay active and with a home that may match their energy.


Bengal Cats take their name from the Asian leopard cat’s scientific name, wildcat. They were created through crosses between Associate in Nursing Felis bengalensis — that at intervals the 1950s. And into the 1960s might even be purchased at pet stores — and domestic shorthairs. Jean Mill, a breeder in CA, was the first to form such a cross. But not, as a result, she was required to create a fresh breed. To her surprise, since she hadn’t thought the 2 species would mate, kittens resulted, and mill unbroken a detected female. Breeding her back to her father created a litter of detected and solid kittens. The leopard cats were proof against the feline cancer virus. So researchers were interested in finding out if the attribute could also be passed on to hybrid offspring.

Various breeders took associate degree interest in developing the cats as a breed. Mill was one of them. Changes in her life had caused her to gift up cat breeding, however, she was able to recommence. She had inherent many Dr. Center wall’s hybrids and needed out applicable males to breed to them. One was Associate in Nursing orange domestic shorthair that she found in India, of all places, and additionally the various was a brown detected tabby inherent from a shelter. Bengals today area unit thought of to be constant as domestic cats, and any Bengals purchased need to be a minimum of 4 generations far-flung from any ancestors with wild bloodlines.

The Bengal Cats is else recognized by the American Cat Fanciers Association, the Canadian Cat Association, and additionally the United Feline Organization.


This is a medium-to-large cat. Bengal Cats weigh eight to fifteen pounds or extra.


The Bengal Cat is incredibly active and very good. This makes him fun to live with, however, he can typically be troublesome. In total, the Bengal cat breed can be associate degree assured, talkative, friendly cat world Health Organization is typically alert. Nothing escapes his notice. He likes to play games, in conjunction with fetch, and he’s a whiz at learning tricks. His nimble paws area unit is nearly just about pretty much as good as hands, associate degreed it’s an honest issue he doesn’t have opposable thumbs or he would all tell likelihood to rule the earth.

Fond of collaborating in at intervals the water, the Bengal Cat is not more than jumping into the tub or strolling into the shower with you. Vessel and pool fish might even be at risk from his clever paws. He jointly likes to climb and might generally be found perching at the simplest purpose he will reach at intervals the house. A tall cat tree or a pair of can be an ought to for this feline, as area unit puzzle toys which will challenge his intelligence.


Bengals are acknowledged for his or her jungle cat appearance and picture markings. Bengals can have variations once it involves coating color and eye color.

Coat Color

Bengals have soft, sleek, and easy-to-groom coats. they’ll have noticed or marbleized coat patterns in commonplace colors like brown, snow, and silver, conjointly as non-standard colors like charcoal, blue and melanistic (solid black). Snow Bengals have ivory or cream-colored coats. This can be the result of a form of hypopigmentation that comes from their Siamese and Burmese history.

Some Bengals could even have fulgid coats that are that the results of clear hollow hair that catches and reflects light-weight. This offers the full coat a shimmering result, and you may even notice it in low lighting.

Eye Color

Bengals have rounded eyes which can vary reminder hazel, brown, green, gold, or copper. Snow Bengals will have blue, blue-green, or aqua-colored eyes.


The Bengal Cats coats conjointly are available in a marbleized pattern: one or additional colors swirled into the background color. Whereas most typically seen within the brown noticed tabby pattern, they’ll even be found within the marbleized pattern (classic tabby). A Bengal Cat’s coat will have hairs with a degree Associate in nursing iridescent luster, creating it look as if it’s been wet with glitter.

The Bengal Cats contain a wonderful memory, which may be a degree honest issue in addition to a foul issue. As a degree example, if they impede throughout a locality all day, they’re going to avoid that very same place for many weeks.

Because of the Bengal cat’s wild traits, mice will not be their sole prey. Do not be aghast to receive a degree large array of various animals like squirrels, birds, and moles.

Bengal cat breed square measure wise at learning tricks! Terribly like dogs, they are straightforward to educate and perhaps educated the essential tricks like ‘sit, ‘lie down, and ‘high five’. However, they’re going to in addition learn the thanks to open doors, flip light-weight switches on and off and even elevate bin lids! Cognizance of emotions in cats is not verified, however. However, they’re going to acknowledge human gestures and expressions, which they adapt their behavior to that.

Bengal cat breed square measure very chatty. It feels like they need to talk regarding everything, notably once they fight to tell you that they {need} or need one issue. If you ignore them, they go to presumptively become louder. They’re going to meow in A passing vary of assorted tones, from sharp to low, giving the impression of a wild animal.