A Snow Bengal Cat is the most beautiful imitation of the snow leopard.  He has the appearance of a big wild cat, but with the behavior and the size allowing you to pet him in the comfort of your home. The responsible genes for this beautiful Bengal cat color come from the Siamese cat (lynx gene) and the Burmese cat (Sepia gene) that are use to create the Bengal breed in the very beginning.

Characteristic of Snow Bengal

The bones of the Snow Bengal Cat are heavy. They are muscular and their structure is very robust. It is a large cat, weighing up to eight or nine kilos in males , while females only reach between three and five kilos. The tail of this feline is thick and medium in size with higher hindquarters .

Snow Bengal Cat

The head is wide, rounded and slightly wedged and the jaws are strong and wide. The nose is wide and long and has tile -colored skin , outlined with a thin black line. The small ears , like those of the Asian leopard , since fierceness is sought in its appearance. The bengal kitten breeders has eyes worth mentioning: their color is greenish yellow and their shape is almond-shape.

The coat and hair of the Bengal kitten are the reasons for the creation of this breed. His hair is flattened on the body and is short, soft and thick, as well as delicate. As a tip, it is advisable to wipe the coat with a cloth so that the hair does not get tangle.