We raise Bengal kittens For Sale in perfect health with a look and behavior that will steal your heart! Wilmer Cattery Bengals is a small in-home cattery in Florence,SC.

Our accountable, loving, family owned cattery and members of TICA (The International Cat Association). CFA (The Cat Fanciers’ Association), and ACFA (The Yankee Cat Fanciers Association) have classical high-quality Bengal Cats. Our Bengal fur babies have the classic brown and black spotted/rosette markings, likewise because of the beautiful silver, snow, and charcoal Bengals. All of our Kittens, Queens, and Studs have lovely soft slick pelts (fur) substitutable with the Bengal Cat breed. That is coated with gold glitter.

We pride ourselves on producing quality kittens for sale in SC. That are well liberal and cater to cat enthusiasts throughout the North American nation and on the far side. Quality, not amount, is what we attempt for as we tend to pour our time, money, attention, and care into every litter.

Our Cats For Sale available are well trained and are available well liberal from associate degree early age to act along and develop nice temperaments. Our 2 young youngsters are active with the kittens from birth and can get them acclimated. To creaking households with young children. Because the Bengal kittens mature, they additionally act with all the Bengals and cats in our home.

Kitten Behavior

Our Bengals area unit quite simply breeds cats, they’re a part of our family, and treated like our kids. All of them have their areas for sleeping, but still, have free run of the house throughout the day. We attempt to provide visually beautiful Bengals with a powerful chin, straight profile, good head, and contrasted markings with very little to no ticking additionally to size, health, temperament, and intelligence. Bengal might never be referred to as delicate. He’s an athlete: agile and sleek with a robust, muscular body, as befits a cat United Nations agency appearance as if he belongs within the jungle.

His broad head could be a changed trigon, longer than its wide, with rounded contours. Atop it square measure medium-size to tiny ears that square measure comparatively short, set toward the facet of the pinnacle. Massive oval eyes square measure virtually spherical. Connecting the pinnacle to the body could be a long, muscular neck. Supporting the body square measures medium-length legs, slightly longer within the back than within the front, with large, round paws. A thick, medium-length tail tapers at the tip and is Tipp in black. Once a Bengal rolls over, you’ll be able to see that another characteristic could be a noticed belly.

Breeding Bengal cats in SC is our passion and matching the correct kitten to their good new house is to the North American nation, the predominant!