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Bengal cats for sale

Bengal is an official Bengal cats for sale cattery located in Spain. Lepardland Bengal After many years of breeding, selecting and researching this breed. It has become an international benchmark as a professional breeder offering some of the most beautiful and outstanding. Bengal cats with a presence throughout the world. Here, in Lepardland you can buy the best Bengal cat specimens from all over Spain.

The profession of breeder of this breed at a high level is not an easy task. Since it requires a great effort in innovation and development to offer all the guarantees in the excellence, beauty, character and health of the breed.

A fascinating new breed

The Bengal cats for sale is a very recent breed. Because, the origin of the breeding of wild hybrid cats is located in the United States, where the geneticist Jean Mill carried out, in 1963, the first crossbreeding experiment between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat Prionailurus bengalensis bengalensis , and they from the south of Asia. Therefore, Her goal was to achieve a breed of tame domestic cats with the original appearance of their ancestors, the wild cats.




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