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Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat


Serving USA and International pet lovers. If you do not live within driving distance from us don’t let that stop you from getting your Bengal from us.  We have an Import/Export License from the United States Fish.  And Wildlife Service which allows us to ship to most locations.  Ask us about details.

Our bengal kittens are shipped Nationwide and Internationally. Bengal prices vary depending on location and are additional to the cost of your cat/kitten. A carrier fee is included as well. Other fees may be incurred depending on shipping arrangements made. All costs will be determined at the time of adoption. 

At this time we are able to ship despite the restriction on other catteries regarding shipping. They are unable to ship these young baby kittens for sale.

This shipping restriction is due to the Retail Pet Law recently pushed into action by HSUS. HSUS spends 180 million dollars a year in a step by step, slow process to end animal ownership. Yes, you read that correctly, their ultimate goal is to end animal ownership. This is due to pets being exposed to substandard, inhumane conditions by their new owners. And some retail pet stores, whenever sales occur. So we always make sure our pet kittens are getting into the right home where they will be love. And cared for at all times.

Experience of Shipping

With our experience in shipping our cats for adoption. We know for a fact that all Bengal kittens are always well-taken care upon transit to their new owners. We have only had a couple of incidences where some of our Bengal kittens had delayed flights or had some minor problems due to a long flight. Measures have been taken to ensure our kittens are transported in the best and most favorable conditions. So they get to their new owners in perfect health state.

We do not use Delta Cargo for transporting our kittens because we don’t like to transport our Bengals as cargo. We shall be shipping directly from our home in Calhoun, Ga  where our kittens are nourishes. And raised to any major airport closest to your address, where you will be picking up your Bengal. The kitten could also be deliver to your doorstep from the airport. We have Pet delivery expert companies we have been working with that offer Pet Nanny Services

These delivery agencies are a professional pet transporting service by air only (they do not use cargo). They have Pet Nannies that fly via commercial airlines alongside your kitten to the closest major airport where you can pick up your cat. The Pet Nanny flies with the kitten in-cabin of the airplane throughout their journey hand-in-hand to their final destination. And deliver to the receiver. For this mode of travel, pet must be less than 35 lb and fit inside a soft-sided carrier. Bengals are usually less than 20 lb.

Services Offered by Pet Nanny:

  1. Pet Nanny will pick up kitten from Our Cattery and place the kitten in a soft-sided carrier.
  2. And Pet Nanny will take kitten out of soft-sided pet carrier when Pet Nanny reaches the TSA screening area.
  3. Also Pet Nanny will carry the kitten while walking through the metal detector at the airport.
  4. Pet Carrier and contents inside (excluding kitten) will be place on the conveyor belt and screened by TSA security. After screening kitten will be place back inside of the soft-sided carrier.
  5. The kitten is seat in-cabin with the Pet Nanny on the airplane, and will not leave their side until the destination is reached and kitten is united with owner.
  6. Pet Nanny will hand deliver the kitten to the owner in the baggage claim area of the destination airport.

The minimum cost of shipping our Bengal kittens is $250 depending on where you are locate and there is also a home delivery (kitten is drop shipping and deliver to your doorstep) which is available at a cost $50. 

When the full payment including transportation fee is made and confirmed, we will proceed with processing the kitten’s new papers, paperwork is usually done within 12 hrs max after which the kitten is register for transportation. Once the transportation arrangements are done and the kitten’s flight booked, all parties will receive a confirmation email that the kitten’s transport is scheduled and booked. 

Transport Service

24 – 48 hours prior to the start of the transport, the kitten’s itinerary will be email to all parties (shipper and receiver). The itinerary will include all the information needed for both shipper and receiver to fulfill their roles in the transport process including transport date, time of arrival at airport, meeting location for pick up and Pet Nanny’s contact information. 

  • Once we confirmed payment from clients, we will process all necessary documents and register your kitten for transportation to an airport location closest to the receiver for pickup. The day and time will depend primarily on the flight availability. After successful registration of the kitten for transportation, you will be contact. 
  • We can also arrange for a home delivery (kitten is drop shipping and deliver to your doorstep), meaning you will not need to go to the airport for pickup. The Delivery Company will deliver your kitten to your doorstep from the airport. Upon arrival at airport location, they will notify you and proceed with delivering your kitten to your home address (doorstep delivery). However, this is very stress-free and will cost you an extra $50.